Killer Ponytail Premiere: ‘Pretend We’re Stars'


Minneapolis based space-wave outfit Astronomique are no strangers to the concept of musical exploration. They have been wowing crowds with their unique brand of intergalactic pop for a while, and they’re now all set to release their debut single ‘Pretend We’re Stars’ and we’re very proud and excited to premiere the track right here!

Astronomique began life as the musical project of US-based French artist Logan Andra Fongemie as a way of adding a sonic element to her cosmic visual art works. She soon found a kindred spirit in seasoned guitarist Sean Hogan and before long, a full time rhythm section was found and Astronomique was fully realized.

‘Pretend We’re Stars’, taken from the band’s EP Burning Stars Fade, is a whirlwind of psychedelic synths, propulsive beats and Fongemie’s sci-fi infused lyrics delivered with gloriously bubblegum-pop sassiness, all of which is wrapped around a viciously catchy pop hook. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a sultry summer night under a clear night sky.

Burning Stars Fade EP is released on 20 May. Listen to ‘Pretend We’re Stars’ below and head over to the Astronomique bandcamp page to get your hands on the tracks.

- Killer Ponytail