Astronomique opens for The Knocks & ASTR (New York)

At the 7th Street Entry

The Knocks are Manhattan's finest dance music export, having built an impressive resume of legendary remixes and original material that references the golden years of vocal house and credible pop music. Named by one of the “20 hottest producers in music” by the NME and hailed as “cred-pop’s answer to the Neptunes” by The Guardian - they are now one of the most buzzed about duos on the electronic circuit. JPatt’s background in soul and funk and B-Roc’s years spent immersed in trip-hop and hip-hop beats has allowed them to quickly ascend the production ranks. Initially gaining recognition for their remixes for artists including Haim, Santigold, Foster The People, Two Door Cinema, Ellie Goulding, Passion Pit and The 1975, they eventually found themselves experimenting with sounds of their own.

ASTR is a duo that lives, works and writes music in New York City. Multi-instrumentalist Adam, and vocalist Zoe-Anna met three years ago in a Manhattan yoga class. What they discovered was a shared musical and artistic sensibility informed by cinema noire, Miami Vice and urban dreamscapes. ASTR was soon born. “The name felt androgynous and cosmic,” says Zoe. ASTR captures fleeting sensations: Winning big and cashing out. Leaving behind life's responsibilities. Wasting away on a tropical island. Paradise lost. Songwriting: Adam and Zoe write songs together exclusively. Generally, Adam makes a beat and outlines the vibe. Zoe then begins to color in the lines with kitschy bits and musical phrasing that evolve into fully formed songs. “You have to really be in sync when you’re songwriting together,” Zoe says. Adam and Zoe write constantly. At any given time they are working on five or six songs. "We jump around from idea to idea all the time. Maybe its artistic ADD" says Adam.