Red River Noise presents ‘Shaded Gray’


Minneapolis-based electro-pop band Astronomique released their new single “Shady Gray.” The single is their most recent off of their current EP, Burning Stars Fade, released in May. It is a perfect example of their self-dubbed, indie sub-genre “space wave,” a poppy take on post-punk or ’80s new wave.

Astronomique is fronted by French visual artist/singer/keyboardist, Logan Andra Fongemie, formerly of the now defunct Minneapolis-based dark-pop band Satellite Voices. Originally a duo composed of Fongemie and guitarist Sean Fogan, the two eventually came together with bassist Luke Parrott and drummer Mitch Billings to form the band you hear today.

Listen to 'Shaded Gray' from Astronomique’s Burning Stars Fade EP below.

- Ian Morales, Red River Noise