Lake Minnetonka Magazine review: 'Burning Stars Fade' EP


While it’s hard not to conjure up theremin-like wails when the word “space” is used in any musical context, rest assured that self-described space wave group Astronomique sounds nothing like a cheesy sci-fi soundtrack from the ’50s. Sure, the young Minneapolis group’s Burning Stars Fade EP is ripe with synth and subtle soundscapes, but don’t expect to hear standout mentions of planetary strife or interstellar ballet. Instead, the EP operates a lot like a solar system in its own right—a central body with each element swirling around it, all exerting just enough gravity to keep it together, yet leaving enough, well, space to never impose.

If there’s a star of the EP, it’s undoubtedly vocalist Logan Andra Fongemie. Delivering the most consistent performance, Fongemie’s voice seems to snake throughout each song, never dipping into staccato territory but providing just enough syllabic deftness to dodge monotony.

There’s solid songwriting on display here, with each instrument ascending to crescendo and fading into the dark at times that feel natural. That restraint definitely contributes to the EP’s overall theme, but it also means that standout guitar licks, bass grooves and drum fills are fairly rare, making the experience of Burning Stars Fade more pleasing plain than dynamic mountain range. 

Available for purchase on iTunes.

- Alex Skjong, Lake Minnetonka Magazine