Exploding Head Syndrome Review: 'pretend we're stars'


Like/Love: LOVE 

Pretend We’re Stars is the debut single from Minneapolis’ Astronomique. The four piece perform a mix of dark, broody disco or “space wave” music that digs to the deepest darkest parts of their instruments and finds the best grooves to deliver to our unsuspecting hips.

The debut single is an atmospheric experience with out-of-this-world sounds constantly played in the background alongside some airy synths that perform some insanely catchy beats, while the female vocals also sound airy and also provide a couple extra hooks to sink into the eardrums. Pretend We’re Stars is a very catchy song and one that definitely gets me excited to check out Astronomique’s debut EP Burning Stars Fade. 

Stream Pretend We’re Stars below, and look out for a review of Burning Stars Fade in the very near future. For more music reviews, free downloads and I want to be a bright star that tells you how much I love you. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter.

- Adam Reeve, Exploding Head Syndrome