l'etoile magazine plugs 'burning stars fade' ep release show

Weekend What's What: 5/22 - 5/25

Astronomique Album Release at Cause Sprits & Soundbar

9 PM doors, 21+, $5

You probably remember Logan Andra Fongemie (nee Baker) as the keyboardist and second vocalist from Knol Tate's perennially underrated Satellite Voices.  Here, she fronts a still-nascent but already quite accomplished dream-pop band that's very much reminiscent of groups like February from back in the day on their first EP, the quite likable Burning Stars Fade.  Their new Burning Stars Fade EP offers a nice advancement of a sound that, at least for a time, was the Minneapolis sound - floaty keyboard textures and guitars that, thankfully, don't just borrow from My Blood Valentine but draw influences from post-punk groups, disco, new wave, and god knows what else.  Another one to keep your eyes on, for sure. 

- Jon Hunt