Minneapolis city pages premiere: 'masquerade' music video

Last time we heard from Astronomique, they were having some fun with cheesy archival footage to promote their self-titled EP. Now, the '80s VHS hounds are back at it for their video "Masquerade." 

But this time, they're not reworking lycra to upbeat synthpop. "Masquerade" is far more disenchanted, with washed-out visions of the world playing along to the song's stark lyrics. That doesn't mean there's no funk to the track. It's a definitive Era of Excess call to dance your way through the megamall until the pain subsumes. 

Astronomique play July 20 at the Amsterdam with Mobly and the Peach Kings. They'll also be doing an in-studio at Radio K on August 12.

- Jerard Fagerberg