SHout4music presents 'the shape you take'


There can be a fine line between homage and nostalgia in music. Nostalgia can be a wonderful thing to wallow in, but it's hard not to feel a little guilty at the temporal escapism. Live in the now, as they say.

Fortunately, Astronomique's new track 'The Shape You Take' falls the other side of that line. Granted, the skipping bassline and winding synths might have you swiftly swept away to something resembling an 80s disco. But the song's marriage of music and vocals dates it firmly to the here and now, matching dark disco with dreamy pop to fantastic effect.

It's moody enough to be alluring, and celestial enough to spare you from a swirling vortex of introspection. Dance to it, sit to it, go to the gym to it.

- Adam Tait, Shout4Music