dancing about architecture review: 'losing our control'


Somewhere near the point where '80s soft-focus pop meets modern synth-driven indie, where swirling dream-pop meets ambient, late night dance...you find Astronomique and 'Losing Our Control' - a seamless blend of commerciality and cultish cool, of past pop peaks and indie future potential. It is music that both grooves and shimmers in equal measure, which is not an easy trick to pull off. But Astronomique's confident back beats and pulsing bass combined with staccato guitars, hazy vocals, and electronic wash of ambient atmospherics balance these two opposite sonic worlds to perfection.

This is a tantalizing glance at what chilled out dance music can be...what pop is capable of if it stopped chasing the dollar and started chasing perfection. It may sound as if I am over-selling the case somewhat, but give it a few years when everyone is trying to emulate the musical eloquence of Astronomique, and I will just copyright the phrase “I told you so” and retire comfortably on the proceeds.

- Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture