music industry news network review: 'losing our control'


This is a single from the soon to be released LP, Sharp Divide. Astronomique release this single close to six months after giving us Mimic Forms and 23rd Century. The band was able to retain its trademark sixties vibe in this new single.  

The Minneapolis based band has stayed true to their indie rock genre, if this single is anything to go by. They definitely put in work on this masterpiece, as it connects with you and transcends any barriers you might have put up. The distinct sounds of the guitar and well-balanced use of instruments makes it hard for you to listen to the lyrics at first. If you were bored or going through something, this track will make you forget all that and dance your problems away.

I listened to this song a couple of times before I got used to the feel-good nature of the song. This is when I started paying attention to the lyrics and what the band wanted to communicate. They effectively communicate how a sexual partner was able to distract the protagonist long enough for them to forget their problems. The partner, in turn, becomes the sole focus of the protagonist's thoughts. It is rather impressive that the band was able to communicate this in a 3:26-minute track. Yes, I know it’s a rather long song, but you’ll be so into it that you won’t notice it is ending until the last note dies out.

The vocals of the lead singer and her delivery are on point. She doesn't struggle to keep up with the instrumentals and her bandmates give her plenty of good backup.

Astronomique also released the video to this single, and its nothing short of breathtaking. The use of a minimalistic set and blurry lights play into the general ambience of the track. The band and their instruments are the only focus in the video. The simplistic result of combining the above factors makes it a rather entertaining and memorable video.

I can’t wait to hear what the rest of the LP sounds like. But if this single is anything to go by, we are in for a treat.

-Jason Quinn, Music Industry News Network