“…hooky celestial pop-rock that sounds a bit like Ladytron meets dreamy psychedelia meets Carl Sagan.” 

89.3 The Current


“…infectious, totally danceable electro-psych pop. Described, somewhat aptly, as ‘space-wave’ and ‘spacey dance music,’ I’m inclined to describe them as bubblegum darkwave in all the best ways.  This is what I want synthpop to sound like.” 

Radio K 770 AM


“Astronomique ups the post-punk ante by a 1,000 percent with an ass-ton of magnificently echo-driven guitar/bass interplay.  Think: Siouxie and the Cure, with the emphasis on the brighter aspects of those bands rather than the goth, moody ones.  Add in some vibes lifted from Cocteau Twins and Lush, plus sharply danceable beats, and you have an EP pitched squarely at Minneapolis' dream-pop past.” 

Minneapolis City Pages


“…the kind of deep-cut vibe that would be rolling in the wee hours of some great party, in some awesome basement, back in the day.  Astronomique’s tunes are the sonic combo of clove cigs and patchouli, which were perhaps as important as the tunes themselves back in the ‘80s.” 

Invasion From Planet K


“The four-piece performs a mix of dark, broody disco or ‘space wave’ music that digs to the deepest, darkest parts of their instruments and finds the best grooves to deliver to our unsuspecting hips.”

Exploding Head Syndrome


“...floaty keyboard textures and guitars that, thankfully, don’t just borrow from My Bloody Valentine, but draw influence from post-punk groups, disco, New Wave, and God knows what else. Astronomique harkens back to those halcyon days of the mid-to-late-90s when dreampop ruled the Minneapolis roost”

l’etoile Magazine 


“Astronomique’s [self-titled] EP explores the depth of life and love by showing it through music and art in a ‘60s psychedelic manner, but with an ‘80s love song twist … Something that’s poetic and visionary.” 

Rift Magazine


Pretend We’re Stars is an invitation, a plan of something to do.  While ‘wrapped in each other’s arms,’ you could be ‘watching stars collide.’  And while you’re there, why not do as the title suggests and trade places with the stars?  It’s a fun and flirty song that reflects the band’s theme, as well as entices affection and companionship.”

Exploding Head Syndrome


“If their destination is beyond our atmosphere, the passion generated in relationships is their fuel. While spacey, Burning Stars Fade EP is never lost.  It’s honesty and passion allows it to soar."

Violent Success 


The Shape You Take is an energetic, overprocessed response to the trendy nihilism of the 2010s.  It reaches back to the perma-sunny days of the ‘80s, co-opting the upstrokes of Kenny Loggins and the visceral bass of Depeche Mode. It’s about finding meaning in a fleeting moment.”

Minneapolis City Pages Local Frames


Pretend We’re Stars is a whirlwind of psychedelic synths, propulsive beats, and sci-fi infused lyrics delivered with gloriously bubblegum-pop sassiness, all of which is wrapped around a viciously catchy pop hook.”

Killer Ponytail