"…some of the most across-the-board compelling music released on the Indie scene today.  This is synthpop with an agenda, and Astronomique accomplish everything they set out to do with sophistication, sincerity, and polish."

- Growing Old With Rock and Roll


"From the opening 'Forefathers' to the psych-poppin' 'Losing Our Control,' through the darker, grittier 'Smoke' until we reach the mysterious, driving and hypnotic ending, 'Heading Nowhere' Astronomique put on full display their ability to masterfully craft scintillating cosmic arrangements, as well as an undeniable musicality in which we can find comfort as this crew of highly talented musicians navigate our space odyssey."  

- Middle Tennessee Music


"…honest, heartfelt, and carefree but with a very clever and planned mystique. The hypnotic two-person-confessional vibe of Astronomique’s lyrics is perfectly counterbalanced with a catchy song structure that is 100% danceable."  

- The Music Producer


"Take Peter Bjorn & John-like production… the theatrical approach of a band like Hooverphonic… the post-punk rhythm & groove of a band like The Cure… add in a sprinkle of The Subways, Belly – or even Echobelly for that matter – and voila, you’ve got yourself something close to the sound of Astronomique."  

- Sleeping Bag Studios


"Astronomique are reminiscent of an evolved version of one of the most elegant groups of our time, Roxy Music. They have the same magical formula for mixing rhythm and melody in a way that is both energizing and dreamily smooth."  

- Tuned Loud


"Sharp Divide is a fantastic retrospection of music that reaches back a few eras, yet there is nothing archaic or out-of-date here. To the contrary, it is fresh and modern. And it’s such a tightly woven production that you will have it on replay for weeks on end.”  

- Dancing About Architecture


"Few albums in any genre are as solid as Astronomique’s 2018 release, Sharp Divide, and it should garner them the attention they richly deserve." 

- Hipsters, Hippies, and Dreamers


"Sharp Divide has the feeling of a long-lost classic. Reminiscent of similarly focused nostalgia-soaked bands like Twin Shadow, Astronomique’s approach incorporates a bit more mystery and shade. Angelic yet ghostly vocals feature cryptic lyricism and a natural, gothic sort of poetry that, when paired with hypnotic bass rhythms, creates something uniquely soulful."  

- Beach Sloth


"With vocals that are angelic, graceful, raw, real – Logan Andra Fongemie mixes emotions and thoughts magnificently in her lyrics, giving weight to the words she sings by spectacularly matching the vibe and pulse of Astronomique’s music."  

- Nataliez World


"Sharp Divide shows that there’s a gulf between the talent of this band and virtually every other outfit working in the synthpop genre today. It’s one of the year’s best full length releases."  

- Music Industry News Network


"Astronomique’s music sounds the way Barbarella looks - retro, funky and techno. It’s a dated glimpse at the future."  

- Mostly Minnesota


"Great band. I've seen them live and liked them. New Wave meets ‘90s band, Garbage." 

Jim McGuinn, Program Director (89.3 The Current)


"The intense vibe running through Sharp Divide provokes the mind of the listener to experience a journey from this world to another unknown land, one which is dominated by the power of music and sound. 9.5/10 stars."  

- Skope Magazine


"You’ll find precious little in the way of “it’s Friday night and lets have a good time” or “boy meets girl” songwriting on Sharp Divide. There’s a strongly personal and intimate feel to the record, and plenty of imagination powering Astronomique’s lyrical content."  

- Burned Out Borders


"Sharp Divide is romantic, gothic, rhythmic, and insistent - ready to worm it’s way into your long-term memory. So close your eyes, lay back, and let the lush celestial ambience of the moon reflected on a rippling pond wash over you."  

- News Whistle


"Astronomique sing about looking far within oneself, peering at one’s human emotions as deeply as you’d peer out into space through a telescope. And they do it in the catchiest, hippest, sexiest, most ‘80s disco/New Wave/post punk/Space Wave way possible… so that you’re completely partying while pondering Logan’s introspection."  

- The Music Producer


"Evoking emotion and dreamy nostalgia with the understated power in their lush synth and guitar-based soundscapes, Astronomique blends sultry melodies with easily danceable rhythms to create an overarching feeling of optimism and hope - as well as a longing for the unknown.”  

- Tuned Loud


"Even if they're a synthpop band, there’s plenty going on with Astronomique to help them draw fans from multiple different styles, and that’s a testament to the level of accomplishment and polish they bring to their latest release, Sharp Divide."  

- Pop Music Paradise


"Somewhere near the point where ‘80s soft-focus pop meets modern synth-driven indie, where swirling dream pop meets ambient late-night dance music… you find Astronomique and 'Losing Our Control' - a seamless blend of commerciality and cultish cool, of past pop peaks and and indie future potential."  

- Viral Sound


"'Losing Our Control' is music that both grooves and shimmers in equal measure, which is not an easy trick to pull off. Astronomique’s confident back beats and pulsing bass, combined with staccato guitars, hazy vocals, and an electronic wash of ambient atmospheres balance these two opposite sonic worlds to perfection.  

- FW Reviews


"'Losing Our Control' is a tantalizing glance at what chilled out dance music can be… what pop is capable of if it stopped chasing the dollar and started chasing perfection."  

- Dancing About Architecture


"'Losing Our Control' is love at first sight for music enthusiasts and devotees of synth-pop. Welcome to the world of rewind-button addiction!"  

- Warlock Asylum


"Title track, 'Sharp Divide,' offers a lot of space for the music to breathe. Hogan’s echo-wreathed guitar crafts a solid melody to hook listeners in while Fongemie’s visceral, fluid synthesizer work creates an immensely beautiful tapestry of sound against the dream-like ambiance of her vocals."  

- Music Of The World


“'Bleed Me' is the track a young couple want to hear (on loop) at the end of the night, after they’ve absconded to a booth in the dark back corner of the underground club they’re at together… when their friends think they’ve already gone home. Solid drumming with bass licks and chords that fill the room with a vibe that shouts, ‘tequila shots and dancing!’”  

- Divide and Conquer





"Take ‘60s psychedelia, marry it to the best of the dark romanticism of the ‘80s, along with a heaping helping of echo and vocal sweetness, and you will have what the band has self-dubbed, "Space Wave." This Minneapolis band feels like falling, floating through the stars and time, and you are invited to come along on the journey."  

- News Whistle


"Astronomique is the band you thought you’d be seeing in the future back in 1987. There’s something soothing and almost wavy to the music - a sweet and salty, high and low mix that sounds really good together."  

- Mostly Minnesota


"This. Is. My. Jam."  

- Chad Werner, Minneapolis City Pages


"Showcasing nostalgic charm, as well as the band’s playful side, Astronomique’s kitsch-fest of a video accompanying new single, 'Mimic Forms,' plays like an ‘80s fantasy epic dunked in colored Easter egg vinegar." 

- Local Frames (Minneapolis City Pages)





"Astronomique’s new EP ups the post-punk ante by 1,000% with an ass-ton of magnificently echo-driven guitar/bass interplay. Think Siouxie and The Cure, with an emphasis on the brighter aspects aspects of those bands rather than the goth. moody ones. Add in some vibes lifted from the Cocteau Twins and Lush, plus sharply danceable beats, and you have an EP pitched squarely at Minneapolis’ dream-pop past."  

- Minneapolis City Pages


"Astronomique’s self-titled EP explores the depth of life and love by showing it through music and art in a ‘60s psychedelic manner, but with an ‘80s love song twist - something that feels poetic and visionary. With the lyrics “Past reality, outside of time - we find what’s real,” the title track of Astronomique EP conveys the ideal of authenticity that is carried throughout every song on the album.  

- Rift Magazine


"Astronomique claim to be inspired by outer space itself, which does sound pretty accurate given the roominess of their sound. There’s plenty of twinkle offset by vast gulfs of cosmic room tone." 

- l’etoile Magazine


"Pop-rock with a vintage spacey vibe."  

- CBS Minnesota


"I graduated high school in ’87 and was an eyeshadow-adorned, giant purple-haired participant in the act of coming of age in the ‘80s. Astronomique’s sound possesses the kind of deep-cut vibe that would be rolling in the wee hours of some great party, in some awesome basement, back in the day. While the band is very clear with their influences, they have the underground flavor that actually feels like what it felt like then. Their tunes are the sonic combo of clove cigs and patchouli, which were perhaps as important as the tunes themselves back in the ‘80s."  

- Invasion From Planet K


"'The Shape You Take' is addictive dreamy synth-pop. The music offers a definite ‘80s New Wave feel with intoxicatingly sweet vocals delivered by female vocalist/keyboardist, Logan Andra Fongemie."  

- Rara’s Farm


"'The Shape You Take’s' skipping bassline and winding synths might have you swiftly swept away to something resembling an ‘80s disco. Matching dark disco with dreamy pop to fantastic effect, it’s moody enough to be alluring and celestial enough to spare you from a swirling vortex of introspection."

- Shout4Music


"'The Shape You Take' is an energetic, overprocessed response to the trendy nihilism of the 2010s. It reaches back to the perma-sunny days of the ‘80s, co-opting the upstrokes of Kenny Loggins and the visceral bass of Depeche Mode. It’s about finding meaning in a fleeting moment."  

- Local Frames (Minneapolis City Pages)


"Flashback to the ‘80s with Astronomique’s new single, 'The Shape You Take.' Mixing intergalactic dream pop with elements of dark synth-driven disco, 'The Shape You Take' creates an atmospheric sound that is out of this world."  

- Skope Magazine


"I dig the vibe on 'The Shape You Take.' It’s got that straight beat, cool bass line popping, and a great hook too. Sweet!"  

- Jim McGuinn, Program Director (89.3 The Current)


"'The Shape You Take' is a delicious track that fuses influences from synth-driven disco and New Wave, wraps them in intergalactic dream pop, and creates quite an atmosphereric sound."  

- Ultimate Music


"Astronomique’s latest music video, Masquerade, combines two things I love - orange skyline sunsets of Minneapolis and the ‘80s retold as the Andrew McCarthy/Kim Cattrall classic rom-com Mannequin with a space-age twist."  

- Mostly Minnesota


Masquerade's music video is far more disenchanted, with washed-out visions of the world playing along to the song’s stark lyrics. But that doesn’t mean there’s no funk to the track. It’s a definitive Era of Excess call to dance your way through the megamall until the pain subsumes."  

- Local Frames (Minneapolis City Pages)





"Burning Stars Fade is an impressive introduction to Astronomique’s hooky celestial pop-rock that sounds a bit like Ladytron meets dreamy psychedelia meets Carl Sagan.”  

- Local Current Blog


“…infectious, totally danceable electro-psych pop. I’m inclined to describe them as bubblegum darkwave in all the best ways.  This is what I want synthpop to sound like.” 

- Radio K 770 AM


"A still-nascent but already quite accomplished dream-pop band that’s very much reminiscent of groups like February from back in the day on their first EP, the quite likeable Burning Stars Fade. The record features floaty keyboard textures and guitars that, thankfully, don’t just borrow from My Bloody Valentine, but draw influence from post-punk groups, disco, New Wave, and God knows what else." 

- l'etoile Magazine


"Astronomique succeeds at making their sound actually seem like it fits the vast unknowing of space. The four-piece performs a mix of dark, broody disco or "Space Wave" music that digs to the deepest, darkest parts of their instruments and finds the best grooves to deliver to our unsuspecting hips."

- Exploding Head Syndrome


"The folks in Minneapolis band, Astronomique, don’t take themselves too seriously, and their joviality shows through on their debut EP, Burning Stars Fade. The album contains sounds that suggest humanity and heat, whilst retaining the essential delight of a house party." 

- Gimme Noise (Minneapolis City Pages)


"I’m digging the influences, of course! It’s refreshing to hear local acts making music like this and breaking free from the banjos, washboards, etc."

- Jake Rudh, DJ (89.3 The Current)


"From the name down, Astronomique is lost in space. The sounds, the vibe, the metaphors all have the feeling of floating. The band fills every space with sound, and the harmony spins and swirls around the listener in a futuristic yet impassioned onslaught. If their destination is beyond our atmosphere, the passion generated in relationships is their fuel. The honesty and passion of Burning Stars Fade allow it to soar. 8.7/10."

- Violent Success


"Minneapolis band, Astronomique, are something refreshing in a local music scene full of talented, but often similar, musical styles."

- l’etoile Magazine


"Astronomique's Burning Stars Fade EP operates a lot like a solar system in its own right – a central body with each element swirling around it, all exerting just enough gravity to stay together, yet leaving enough space to never impose."

- Lake Minnetonka Magazine


"Airy yet powerful, analog hearted with digital sheen, Astronomique makes spacey dance music that envelopes you with darkly beautiful waves of synths, fuzzed out guitars, and hypnotic vocals. They provide the perfect soundtrack to a jamming party or your next solo headphone moment."

- Signaturetone Recording


"Astronomique’s sensual synthpop has an undeniable space-age vibe to it, and Logan Andra Fongemie’s vocals come across as not quite human – like she is some kind of sexy Star Trek lady or the City Computer from Logan’s Run. The instruments are a beautiful mixture of organic-sounding guitars and not-so-organic-sounding futuristic bleeps."

- Independent Music News


"'Pretend We’re Stars' is a whirlwind of psychedelic synths, propulsive beats, and sci-fi infused lyrics delivered with gloriously bubblegum-pop sassiness, all wrapped around a viciously catchy pop hook."

- Killer Ponytail 


"I like the 'Pretend We’re Stars' tune a lot. I saw Astronomique play a show a few months ago, and Logan Andra Fongemie has a great presence as a front person."

- Jim McGuinn, Program Director (89.3 The Current)


"'Shaded Gray' is a perfect example of Astronomique's self-dubbed indie sub-genre, "Space Wave" - a poppy take on Post-Punk or ‘80s New Wave.”

- Red River Noise