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'mimic forms'

Released 11.10.17




From the name down, Astronomique is lost in space.  The sounds, the vibe, the metaphors all have the feeling of floating.  Conceived by merging Fongemie’s love of ‘60s psychedelic artwork with Hogan’s passion for late ‘70s B-rated sci-fi films, the band borrowed elements from early ‘80s disco and post-punk to create their self-dubbed indie sub-genre, Space Wave.  With a name derived from a French picture book from Fongemie’s childhood – Lunette Astronomique – their influences are aptly conveyed.  The addition of Billings on drums and Saari on bass brought an organic, groovier element to the band’s space-age electro psych-pop.

Fusing infectious dance beats with darkly beautiful waves of psychedelic synths, fuzzed out guitars, and hypnotic vocals in a futuristic yet impassioned onslaught, the honesty and joviality of Minneapolis band Astronomique shows through on their latest release, Mimic Forms.  The 2-track, 7-minute single features skipping bass lines and winding synths layered among intoxicatingly sweet vocals, all delivered with gloriously bubblegum-pop sassiness wrapped around viciously catchy pop hooks.  Matching dark disco with dreamy pop to fantastic effect, it’s moody enough to be alluring while retaining the essential delight of a house party. 


Logan Andra Fongemie / lead vocals, keys, lyrics, artwork
Sean Hogan / vocals, guitar, video
Mitch Billings / vocals, drums
Preston Saari / bass guitar



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 Through silence comes the perfect song...

Through silence comes the perfect song...