CMJ Stats: 'astronomique' ep

Astronomique's Self-Titled EP spent 4 weeks on the CMJ Top 200 Chart, peaking at #130.



“Makes my job so much easier when I get music I like. Keep it up and we’ll keep spinning it.”

- Urban Knights Radio (San Francisco, CA)


"Your CD has definitely been well received. Good one.”

- WCHC 88.1 FM (Worchester, MA)


“Thanks for the good tunes.”

- RLC-WVPH 90.3 (Piscataway, NJ)

Mostly Minnesota blog presents 'masquerade' music video

Astronomique’s latest video combines two things I love – orange sunset skylines of Minneapolis and the 80s retold as the Andrew McCarthy/Kim Cattrall classic rom-com Mannequin with a space age twist.

I saw Astronomique recently at the Bastille Day celebration at Barbette – except I think I really just saw a portion of the band. I was pleasantly surprised with how much richer the music was in the video. It’s a more  melodic version of 80s new wave. I will be looking for an excuse to see them again.

- Ann Treacy

Minneapolis city pages premiere: 'masquerade' music video

Last time we heard from Astronomique, they were having some fun with cheesy archival footage to promote their self-titled EP. Now, the '80s VHS hounds are back at it for their video "Masquerade." 

But this time, they're not reworking lycra to upbeat synthpop. "Masquerade" is far more disenchanted, with washed-out visions of the world playing along to the song's stark lyrics. That doesn't mean there's no funk to the track. It's a definitive Era of Excess call to dance your way through the megamall until the pain subsumes. 

Astronomique play July 20 at the Amsterdam with Mobly and the Peach Kings. They'll also be doing an in-studio at Radio K on August 12.

- Jerard Fagerberg

flatbasset radio's top 25 songs of 2016: 'astronomique'

01. Metasota - #RUMDMT
02. Garrison Grouse - With That Said
03. The Counterfactuals - The Counterfactuals
04. Various Artists - An Earfull Of Sound Unseen
05. Clementine - Truth Mattress
06. Janis Figure - Damage Control
07. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
08. Capital Steez - AmeriKKKan Korruption
09. The Pooches - Splitting An Omelette With My Mother
10. Homeboy Sandman - Kindness For Weakness
11. Beck - Odelay
12. Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo
13. The Verve - A Northern Soul
14. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
15. Astronomique - Astronomique
16. Badly Drawn Boy - How Did I Get Here? 
17. Devata Daun - L o o k
18. Various Artists - Adult Simw Singles Program 2016
19. Tony Peachka - Live On Radio K (2016)
20. Information Society - Creatures Of Influence
21. Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
22. Buck 65 - Talkin' Honky Blues
23. Vats - Today
24. Luna - The Best Of Luna
25. Drake - If You're Reading This It's Too Late

Rift Magazine Review: 'astronomique' ep

“Past reality, outside of time – we find what is real” are the lyrics that circle your head as you listen to Astronomique’s self titled EP – Astronomique. The EP explores the depth of life and love by showing it through music and art in a ‘60s psychedelic manner, but with an ‘80s love pop song twist. However, it’s not just a group of hippies “on a trip” kind of psychedelic. It is the different workings of vocals, lyrics, keyboard and artwork by French Artist Logan Andra Fongemie, Sean Hogan’s vocals and guitar, and Mitch Billings on the drums that transform the sound into something that's poetic and visionary.

Astronomique starts off with the emotionally-rich song “Masquerade,” which is about pretending everything is alright and fine, when it’s not. A forced masquerade. The lyrics “you stepped aside with pride, while inside you died,” stands out and can be applied to just about any situation in life. Later in the album is the track “All Real Things,” which is a bit of a slower song, giving the album a bit more variety. “Masquerade” and “All Real Things” being parallels.

“Like Junkies” follows, and this is about just simply being free – free to express yourself as human, and to express your sexuality in a good, and healthy way. It is done in such a way that is somewhat risqué, but not in a way that could make some uncomfortable.

“Astronomique” is the third track on the album, with the lyrics “Past reality, outside of time – we find what is real,” the song further conveys the ideal of authenticity that is carried throughout every song on the album. “Astronomique” really shows the band’s personality and what they are all about. Every band member is heard in the song, each having their own different part that really shows their talent.

“Until Daylight” is an 80’s love song. It’s about how love can be so out of reach but once you have it, it can be out of this world. The group has a fascination with outer space, and it is shown through the lyrics: “I promise that I will love you until the day that the planets stand still.” It is that ‘80s song that reminds you of being a teenager and being in love, when it’s only you two in the whole world.

“Until Daylight” shows a different side of the group as well, with most of their songs being either somewhat provocative, or on the topic of being someone you’re not, both connecting in a way. This song balances out the album.

“The Shape You Take” is the last song on the album, and it’s a strong finish. Every person in the group is heard once again, it’s the “making up” part of the story. It shows just how hard love is, but when it’s there, it’s only you two. No one can come in between.

The album Astronomique shows just how intricate life and love can be, revealed with a 1960’s psychedelic vibe through their music and artwork, with a 1980’s love song ideology shining throughout. Astronomique has changed up what local music sounds like for the better.

- Desney Cody

See them tonight with Corey Palmer & Love Trade:

wruv 90.1 FM review: 'astronomique' ep

WRUV 90.1 FM Burlington, Vermont

Astronomique is a Minneapolis based synth pop group, and their latest EP doesn’t leave a lot of room for failure. At a mere six songs and a track list just barely spanning over twenty minutes in length, this EP is able to captivate listeners with quality dreamy psychedelic synth-pop. The beats first off are sharply danceable, and the guitar/bass interplay is magnificently echo-driven. This EP is may be hook driven and celestial, but it’s enjoyable synth pop-rock and I think a lot of listeners could enjoy it.

Rara's farm: sweet pop from astronomique

Ever since Welcome To Rockville last month, I’ve been living off of a vicious nonstop dose of heavy rock ‘n roll – time for me to give my throbbing eardrums a break with something a little more melodic. Enter Astronomique and their new single, “The Shape You Take.” 

The new track from the Minneapolis band is addictive dreamy synth pop. It’s not the hard driving rock I’m used to, but it’s a guilty pleasure that I can’t unwrap from my ears. The music offers a definite 80’s new wave feel, yet it’s distinctive enough that I can’t pinpoint one band whose sound they emulate.

The band mentions gaining inspiration from The Cure, Depeche Mode and A Flock of Seagulls, and you can sense that in the music particularly with the latter, with the obvious exception of the intoxicatingly sweet vocals delivered by female vocalist/keyboardist, Logan Andra Fongemie.

Check it out and see what you think. And, check out some other killer new music we’ve dug up for your enjoyment here: RARA’s Fresh Crops
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Rock On!
- Mike G

new release! 'astronomique' ep


1.    Masquerade

2.    Like Junkies

3.    Astronomique

4.    Until Daylight

5.    All Real Things

6.    The Shape You Take

Produced and recorded by by Knol Tate.
Mastered by Mikey Young.

Logan Andra Fongemie: Lead vocals, keyboards, lyrics, artwork
Sean Hogan: Guitar, vocals
Mitch Billings: Drums, vocals
Kristof Marden: Bass guitar

Available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

WCCO plugs 'astronomique' ep release show

FRIDAY: Astronomique CD Release @ The 331 Club – Minneapolis

Minneapolis’ pop-rock-with-a-vintage-spacey-vibe group, Astronomique, will be celebrating the release of its new self-entitled EP this Friday at the 311.

They’ll be joined by SloSlyLove and a collaboration between Two Castles and Sniffle Party!

Music starts at 10 p.m. and, oh, it’s FREE.

- Cole Premo

local current blog features 'the shape you take' music video

Summer is the perfect time for synthpop, and Minneapolis trio Astronomique are dropping a fresh slice of hooky keyboard-driven vibes on Friday at the 331 — a venue known more for banjos than blips and bleeps, but they’ll make it work with danceable tunes such as “Like Junkies” and “The Shape You Take.” They even go the full Wilco — in terms of nomenclature, not music — with a self-titled song on their self-titled EP.

- Jay Gabler

SHout4music presents 'the shape you take'

There can be a fine line between homage and nostalgia in music. Nostalgia can be a wonderful thing to wallow in, but it's hard not to feel a little guilty at the temporal escapism. Live in the now, as they say.

Fortunately, Astronomique's new track 'The Shape You Take' falls the other side of that line. Granted, the skipping bassline and winding synths might have you swiftly swept away to something resembling an 80s disco. But the song's marriage of music and vocals dates it firmly to the here and now, matching dark disco with dreamy pop to fantastic effect.

It's moody enough to be alluring, and celestial enough to spare you from a swirling vortex of introspection. Dance to it, sit to it, go to the gym to it.

- Adam Tait

minneapolis City Pages premiere: 'the shape you take' music video

Astronomique Perfect Legwarmer-Pop in Week's Top 5 MN Music Videos

If Astronomique had their way, legwarmers would never have gone out of style. The Minneapolis retro-pop trio went back to the Jane Fonda days to visualize their new single "The Shape You Take," which is off their new self-titled EP, which drops tomorrow.

"The Shape You Take" is more than buns, thighs, and abs, though. The song is an energetic, overprocessed response to the trendy nihilism of the 2010s. It reaches back to the perma-sunny days of the '80s, co-opting the upstrokes of Kenny Loggins and the visceral bass of Depeche Mode. It's about finding meaning in a fleeting moment. You can have a fleeting moment with the band on May 27, as Astronomique celebrate their release of the EP at the 331 Club.

- Jerard Fagerberg