minneapolis City Pages premiere: 'the shape you take' music video

Astronomique Perfect Legwarmer-Pop in Week's Top 5 MN Music Videos

If Astronomique had their way, legwarmers would never have gone out of style. The Minneapolis retro-pop trio went back to the Jane Fonda days to visualize their new single "The Shape You Take," which is off their new self-titled EP, which drops tomorrow.

"The Shape You Take" is more than buns, thighs, and abs, though. The song is an energetic, overprocessed response to the trendy nihilism of the 2010s. It reaches back to the perma-sunny days of the '80s, co-opting the upstrokes of Kenny Loggins and the visceral bass of Depeche Mode. It's about finding meaning in a fleeting moment. You can have a fleeting moment with the band on May 27, as Astronomique celebrate their release of the EP at the 331 Club.

- Jerard Fagerberg