Rift Magazine Review: 'astronomique' ep


“Past reality, outside of time – we find what is real” are the lyrics that circle your head as you listen to Astronomique’s self titled EP – Astronomique. The EP explores the depth of life and love by showing it through music and art in a ‘60s psychedelic manner, but with an ‘80s love pop song twist. However, it’s not just a group of hippies “on a trip” kind of psychedelic. It is the different workings of vocals, lyrics, keyboard and artwork by French Artist Logan Andra Fongemie, Sean Hogan’s vocals and guitar, and Mitch Billings on the drums that transform the sound into something that's poetic and visionary.

Astronomique starts off with the emotionally-rich song “Masquerade,” which is about pretending everything is alright and fine, when it’s not. A forced masquerade. The lyrics “you stepped aside with pride, while inside you died,” stands out and can be applied to just about any situation in life. Later in the album is the track “All Real Things,” which is a bit of a slower song, giving the album a bit more variety. “Masquerade” and “All Real Things” being parallels.

“Like Junkies” follows, and this is about just simply being free – free to express yourself as human, and to express your sexuality in a good, and healthy way. It is done in such a way that is somewhat risqué, but not in a way that could make some uncomfortable.

“Astronomique” is the third track on the album, with the lyrics “Past reality, outside of time – we find what is real,” the song further conveys the ideal of authenticity that is carried throughout every song on the album. “Astronomique” really shows the band’s personality and what they are all about. Every band member is heard in the song, each having their own different part that really shows their talent.

“Until Daylight” is an 80’s love song. It’s about how love can be so out of reach but once you have it, it can be out of this world. The group has a fascination with outer space, and it is shown through the lyrics: “I promise that I will love you until the day that the planets stand still.” It is that ‘80s song that reminds you of being a teenager and being in love, when it’s only you two in the whole world.

“Until Daylight” shows a different side of the group as well, with most of their songs being either somewhat provocative, or on the topic of being someone you’re not, both connecting in a way. This song balances out the album.

“The Shape You Take” is the last song on the album, and it’s a strong finish. Every person in the group is heard once again, it’s the “making up” part of the story. It shows just how hard love is, but when it’s there, it’s only you two. No one can come in between.

The album Astronomique shows just how intricate life and love can be, revealed with a 1960’s psychedelic vibe through their music and artwork, with a 1980’s love song ideology shining throughout. Astronomique has changed up what local music sounds like for the better.

See them tonight with Corey Palmer & Love Trade: http://first-avenue.com/performer/astronomique

- Desney Cody, Rift Magazine